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Tiny, tiny cafe. Blink and you’ll miss it. Doesn’t help that the cafe’s signage is white on a white wall. If you’re looking for it, locate the G.O.D. on Hollywood Road, then walk towards the big Chinese herbal drinks stall, which has a 7-Eleven just beyond it. Bricolage62 is right between them.

Now we’d love to say this place was excellent. Because it’s cosy and it screens art films above its patrons’ heads, it’s precisely the sort of restaurant that would make a great hidden-gem sort of find.

Unfortunately the food was only so-so, and the portion sizes, though not q. miniscule, could definitely be improved upon. Then the waitress informed us that the only dessert available was a somewhat sad-looking cake on the counter.

And so we paid and left.

It’s too bad, though, inventing idiotic dialogue for foreign films is one of life’s great joys.

We say go, but stick with wine or coffee.

Our grades: ambience: A1, food: B4, service: A2

62 Hollywood Road, Central
T: +852 2542 1991

Law Fu Kee Noodle Shop Ltd

Posted in Asian, Central, English menu, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Island, SoHo on February 20, 2008 by kevlars

The offerings here are fairly straightforward – you have a choice of noodles or congee (porridge), with an assortment of meats – fish, shrimp, pork and pork insides. Mix and match!

Fish congee was excellent – fish was sliced wafer thin and the congee was delicious. For HK$22, a total bargain, particularly for these cold wintry days.

Despite the English menu stuck on the window, they don’t speak any. Happy pointing. Add HK$1 for takeaways (ling zhao!).

Law Fu Kee Noodle Shop Ltd
Our rating: food: A1, value for money: A1, ambience: old HK

50 Lyndhurst Terrace (get off the escalator when you see Dozo and head towards Hollywood Road)
T: +852 2850 6756

Chuk Yuen Vietnamses Restaurant

Posted in Asian, Central, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Island, SoHo, Vietnamese on January 16, 2008 by kevlars

Vietnamses, yes. Not a typographical error.

I was starving and this was on the way home and it was pho for HK$25.

Very, um, rustic decor:

And here’s the pho (noisy picture warning):

Pho is the cornerstone of Vietnamese cuisine. This rendition was, um, maybe a six outta ten. But I don’t really feel qualified to rate this place, since I did a takeout this time, and plastic containers almost always result in soggy noodle death. There was a newspaper article in the window though, so they’ve impressed someone – something about chicken wings and French butter. Hm.

If you’d like to try it out:
Chuk Yuen Vietnamses Restaurant
30 Gage Street, Central
+852 2815 0783

McSorley’s Ale House

Posted in Central, English menu, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Island, SoHo, Western on January 15, 2008 by kevlars

I am a sucker for fish and chips. Years and years ago, I had a bag of the stuff off a pier in Sweden and it was so horribly good that I sometimes get flashbacks and become insatiably hungry.

Monday was one of those days. And the first item on McSorley’s menu is fish and chips in beer batter.

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Koi Sushi

Posted in Central, English menu, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Island, SoHo on January 12, 2008 by kevlars

As conveyor belt sushi joints go, this one’s not too bad. This place is just steps away from the Mid-levels Escalator, and its not as packed as some of the others are, y’know, like when you rip open the paper envelope holding your chopsticks you’ve also stuck your neighbour in the eye.

Sashimi quality: pass with merit. Soft shell crab, maybe not so. But you’re not paying Inagiku prices, and you know what they say about peanuts and monkeys. For cheap(er) decent Japanese grub in SoHo, we think Koi Sushi is the better way to go.

Koi Sushi
Our grades: food: B3, ambience: B3: value for money: A2

60 Stanley Street
Central, Hong Kong
+852 2537 8332

Zest Restaurant

Posted in Central, English menu, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Island, Set lunch deals, SoHo on January 12, 2008 by kevlars

Now this, this is a real gem. Set lunch: HK$108, and the food was brilliant throughout. So maybe the decor isn’t particularly imaginative and the service somewhat harried, but the waitresses were very pleasant and we were too busy stuffing our faces to care about the walls anyway. I had pasta – perfectly al dente – and my companion ordered the pork, which came with an inch and a half layer of grilled fat. This doesn’t appeal to everyone (not me) but it certainly put him over the moon.

This place definitely requires a prior reservation. Just walk down the road from the extremely popular Frog Face Fish towards SoHo and you can’t miss it.

Serves normal water, though a switch to cappucino from coffee means an extra HK$10.

Zest Restaurant
Our grades – food: A1, service: B3, ambience: B3
57 Wyndham Street
+852 2526 7993

Restaurant Le Fauchon

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The blackboard outside Le Fauchon says “lunch from HK$98”. Actually, HK$98 means pasta. If you’d like meat for a main, lamb is HK$108, salmon HK$118, and steak HK$128.
But – it’s a pretty good deal. Salad and soup, aforesaid mains, plus coffee and dessert. That’s plenty. My steak was an excellent cut, and properly medium rare, though I have to admit that the sauce wasn’t spectacular. Big white plush seats, attentive English-speaking waiters, piping hot bread, plenty o’ butter, and they don’t charge for water. I’d go back.

Go early – it was packed by 1pm.

Our grade: A1

Restaurant Le Fauchon
6 Staunton Street, SoHo
Central, HK
+852 2526 2136