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We had high hopes for this place. Mainly because I liked the sound of the name. Wasabisabi! We’re going to Wasabisabi! Yabadabee!

You get the drift.


First impressions were excellent. Dramatic lighting, lit walkway, lamps taller than MichaelJordans laid end to end. But then they handed us the menus, and they were these flimsy cardboard things, completely at odds with the prince’s ransom they were asking for a couple slices o’ fish. Which arrived, again beautifully presented, but didn’t taste anywhere near as spectacular as the price warranted.

Oh yes, the chawanmushi, which we ordered to fill up, was decidedly below par.

Wasabisabi is currently having an Australian wagyu beef promotion. The shabu-shabu set for HK$258 gets 1 mushroom, ’bout 12 strands of vermicelli, a plate of vegetables, and 7 slices of beef.

I don’t think I’m coming back. I had a much better time at Doraya, recommended by Charmaine over at

By the way, if the management of Wasabisabi ever reads this, please explain to your waiters that when people ask for recommendations, this isn’t a cue to point out the most expensive items on every page.

Grades: ambience: A1, food: B3, prices: C6, service: C6
13th floor, Times Square
T: +852 2506 0009

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