McSorley’s Ale House

I am a sucker for fish and chips. Years and years ago, I had a bag of the stuff off a pier in Sweden and it was so horribly good that I sometimes get flashbacks and become insatiably hungry.

Monday was one of those days. And the first item on McSorley’s menu is fish and chips in beer batter.

Batter was a bit thick in places but the fish (barramundi, I think) beneath was gorgeous, light and fresh and perfect with the seasoning. The only gripe I had was that there wasn’t enough. It took me no time at all to polish this off.

The fat fries were nothing spectacular, but neither were they disappointing.

Proper wood floors! Plus a pool table on the second floor, such a rarity for Hong Kong. It’s free as long as you drink something, says the bartender. Which reminds me – service was patchy, but it was a quiet Monday afternoon, so I’ll forgive ’em.

McSorley’s Ale House
Our grades: food: A2, ambience: A2, service: B4, value for money: B3

55 Elgin Street
SoHo, Central
+852 2522 2646

2 Responses to “McSorley’s Ale House”

  1. Ah, now this is one restaurant I’m reluctant to try… I’d rather eat fish and chips back in England! Though, did you see if they had any ciders? I’d sure like me some Magners or perry…

  2. Next time I walk past it I’ll check it out and let you know. :]

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